The rationale for these concepts in the domain model are

1) There is an obvious design to the Ambuscade sets: High Accuracy; large to high Attack; a set theme effect (Sulevia DT, Hizamaru haste and high evasion, Inyana MDB/Meva/MDT, Meghanada PDT); individual piece effect; and a penalty (Sulevia nonexistent haste, Hizamaru lack of attack growth in the +1 form, Inyana complete lack of MAB, Meghanada seems to break the penalty trend. Or I just can recognize it.) And the accuracy has been based on the jobs using it. So since the jobs on “Morrigan” are Black Mage, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Scholar, and Geomancer; the set will obviously be a high Macc “nuking” set.

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